Busking- More than meets the eye

Busking is a subject that has always brought conflicting views; and along with it comes the pre-conceived idea that buskers are beggars and we question why people perform on the street. Reasons vary from wanting to self promote their music, or to earn a living the only way they can, doing the thing they love, [...]

Tellison – The Wages Of Fear

Since forming in 2003 the band has had varied successes, eventually getting signed and having been on the books of three different record companies so far, and are currently signed to independent label Naim Label. This band however battled through the problem of trying to make a name for themselves whilst being at University after [...]

The Fray- Scars & Stories

The Denver quartets much anticipated third studio album “Scars & Stories”, promises to be their best yet, after self titled album “The Fray” fell short of expectations after a highly successful first album. Scars & Stories, which the band has taken their time over to create, is produced by Brendan O’Brien, who has previously worked [...]